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Welcome to my record label

I am a record label that writes all of its own music. Not only do I release the stuff I make on my own as a solo artist, but I also partner with other artists and bands to record and release new and unique versions of my songs. 

(Charlie) Mysterio is a project in constant transformation which looks for beauty in imperfection, unbridled effervescence, honest stimulation, and with all that he creates songs in the old-fashioned way, with catchy choruses and vocal harmonies but also testing the surprise threshold of the listener. He’s a singer-songwriter with a fuzz pedal and a Roland TR-606 as travel companions on this journey, which could be another one tomorrow and will probably change again on the stage.

In a career spanning several decades, Charlie Mysterio has never ceased writing beautiful and timeless song spread among a large discography on labels such as Spicnic, Walden, Elefant… He has recorded with Kikí d’Akí, Papaya or Fernando Márquez, among others, and his work has always received the support of Juan de Pablos, becoming a fixture on his national radio show Flor de Pasión.

Charlie and I collaborated on a new version of my song "Right Now" in which Charlie plays all instruments and sings backup vocals. I sing the main vocals. 

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